Quilt made of natural fibers

Natural fiber quilt – superior quality for the comfort of your hotel guests.

To ensure a special experience and a restful sleep, we present our natural fiber quilt, a high-quality hotel product. This quilt is made from the highest quality natural fibers, offering your customers a superior level of comfort and pampering.

The advantages of this quilt are multiple. First of all, the natural fibers allow excellent breathability, ensuring optimal body temperature control during sleep. Thus, your customers will enjoy a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort, regardless of the season.

Also, the natural fiber quilt is light and soft to the touch, offering a delicate and pleasant feeling on the skin. This is perfect for those who appreciate luxury and seek maximum comfort during sleep.

Another important advantage of this quilt is that it can be used in any conditions, being resistant to wear and maintaining its properties over time. Thus, your investment in this blanket will pay off in the long term, ensuring a high level of satisfaction for your hotel customers.

In conclusion, our natural fiber quilt is the perfect choice to give your customers an unforgettable sleep experience. The superior quality, unmatched comfort and durability of the product will make guests feel at home and return to your hotel with pleasure.

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Pilota din fibre naturale din pene si puf de rata si gasca –  pentru uz intens hotel, aparthotel si pensiuni.

  • Greutate: 250gr / mp
  • Invelis/tesatura: 100% bumbac, tesatura 233 TC
  • Umplutura: Pene si fulgi de gasca si rață in proportie de 30% puf si 70% pene
  • Washing: ideal 30C
  • Dimensiuni: |140*200|160*200| 180*200| 200*200|220*200|


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