Linen trolley Procart 65


Linen trolley volume 260L Procart 65

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PROCART 65 linen trolley, volume 260L

Product body thickness 6 mm

Dimensions: 53 x 91 x 112 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Capacity: 250 kg

Bag capacity: 260 L
Wheels 2 X Ø150 mm with brake, 2 X Ø150 mm without brake, with plastic brake, rubberized and with shock absorber

Handle for easier transport

Material: polypropylene

Durable, hygienic

Easy to clean

Used for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools, linen collection centers, laundromats, transport of light parcels, postal trolley, trolley with 260 liter waterproof bag

It supports the load of up to 200kg.

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